Getting in on a piece of a thoroughbred racehorse is no more than your monthly green fees/round of golf in a month.  Mike’s dad was a plumber from Ohio and always had a few racehorses on the side.  Racing is accessible to most and fun for all.

Partnerships in horses start at 5% of the purchase price and vary depending on the animal.  A good entry point into racing is to claim a horse or purchase a 2-year-old.  These paths will get you to the winner’s circle most quickly.  A claimed horse could run again in as little as a few weeks after purchase and a 2-year-old should run within the year.  All of this is dependent on the situation and their individual training schedules, of course.

After the purchase of your racehorse, other expenses will include monthly upkeep of a horse including training, blacksmith, veterinarian bills and transportation when needed.  To race a horse, owners must also be licensed.  Fun and unique parts of the process include designing your own silks and naming your horse, if they haven’t been named yet.  You can always choose to race under the Lauer colors and are welcome to visit anytime.  Any and all fees incured are offset by winnings, earnings and a great time!

You are always welcome to visit either the farm or racetrack operation.  We would be glad to have you out!  Please call or email anytime if you’re interested in joining us during training hours at Churchill Downs or on the farm in Finchville.  Remember, you’re just one horse away from the big time!